Metal Detection Systems

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Columbit’s Food Metal Detector and Checkweigher Solutions. 

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Unmatched Efficiency &
Risks Reduction

With increasing quality standards set by retailers and ever-changing COP (Code of Practice), many manufacturers risk being dropped by retailers. Wastage, yield reduction, and contamination risks further impact profitability and brand reputation. Accurately detecting metal and other contaminants whilst maintaining product flow can be a challenge for manufacturers.

Minimise wastage
without compromising
product flow

At Columbit, we recognise the need for precise and reliable food metal detector and checkweigher solutions. That’s why we are the Australian agent for Sparc Systems. Our meticulously designed stand-alone and combi systems act as a single point of control for key operations, optimising valuable foot space on busy production lines. By rejecting contaminated foods and minimising wastage without compromising product flow, our solutions help you safeguard your brand and elevate your operations. Contact us to discover how our integrative systems by Sparc Systems can revolutionise your business.

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Key Features

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Low Operating Costs

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Suitable for All Food Industries

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Fully Integrated

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Compliant with HACCP 

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Advanced Reporting

Discover Our Food Metal Detector
and Checkweigher Solutions 

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Metal Detection, label inspection & Checkweighing System

Automatically inspect labels, weigh and metal detect with Cerberus, our fully integrated system engineered to perform at the end of high-speed packaging lines.

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Cerberus XL

Large Format Checkweigher and Metal Detector

Automatically check-weigh, metal detection and dispose of contaminated batches with Cerberus XL, our system engineered specifically for family size products

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Metal Detection, Label Inspection and Checkweighing System

Fully integrated metal detection, package inspection and check-weigh system that provides high levels of accuracy in high care food environments

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Large Format Checkweigher and Metal Detector

Accurately weigh and detect metal contaminants for large format food products, even in the most challenging environments with Heracles.

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Cerberus Twin Head

Fully Integrated Fe-in-Foil Checkweigher and Metal Detection System

Expand the capability of the Cerberus with the Twin Head design, that allows all the functionality of the Cerberus, but with the added ability to inspect both foil and non-metallic packages.

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Multi-lane Checkweigher and Metal Detection System

Save floor space with Hydra, our multilane check-weigh, metal detection and automatic rejection system.

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Columbit is a dynamic organisation and a trusted supplier of high quality processing and packaging equipment, premium food ingredients, and high-quality packaging materials. We cater specifically to the wine, food, and beverage industry in Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.

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